By | July 18, 2017
sports and seo

sports and seoIf you’re like me at all, you probably love sports. There’s nothing better than a good game to relax and watch. Or maybe you’re even more like me and can’t relax watching your favorite team. It’s intense and you NEED your team to play well and win.

But how in the world does that incorporate into SEO at all?

Well, it’s not necessarily just SEO that we’re talking about but finding ways to get yourself in front of eyeballs. See the power that I keep coming back to comes from Gary Vaynerchuk as he talks about attention being the most important thing.

So when it comes to sports, what’s everyone doing?


Why Should You Try To Rank For Sports Related Searches?

Well, let’s think about this…

The sports world in general is a trillion dollar industry that everyone wants a part of. Seriously. How expensive are those Super Bowl ads?

How many of you were at least partially interested in the Warriors vs. Cavs in the NBA Finals?

See the point.

People are constantly searching for things about their favorite teams, players, coaches, divisions, rivals, etc. And it’s an easy opportunity for you to rank for things that will at least get eyeballs on your page.

How Do You Rank For Those Sports Searches?


It’s that easy.

Google is all about topical depth these days so you need to start a portion of your website or blog discussing sports. It doesn’t need to be fancy or long, but start something.

Even if you’re a plumber website, create a section in your site just for fun talking about your local sports teams. Either write it yourself or hire a cheap college kid in marketing/writing to do it for you. It just needs to start somewhere.

After you have 7-10 posts about sports in general, start browsing Google on those sports teams and see what is trending.

Google News Will Be Your Best Friend

Guess what…?!

People love searching the news for topics on their sports teams. Why else would Google News have an entire section called Sports?!

So how can you leverage this?

Now that you’ve gotten a few posts up on your site about sports in general, you need to check the news daily for sports updates (I know this is soooo tough).

You just need to honestly browse headlines so don’t get overwhelmed.

If there’s a topic or story on your sports team that looks interesting, If it’s interesting enough for you to read, it will be for others also.

For example, I’m a huge basketball fan and we’re in the offseason right now. And if you’re following the NBA at all, you’ll know that Lonzo Ball is dominating the basketball world. Especially his basketball shoes situation where he keeps changing up from the Big Baller Brand.

How can this help you?

People are obviously going to search for more info on Lonzo and his shoe situation. This is your opportunity to write a killer article providing some value.

Research some intersting stuff on Lonzo or Big Baller Brands or whatever and publish it with a similar title to some of these popular articles.

People searching around will eventually land at your page and browse a little. Don’t forget to make a small plug for your business at the bottom relating your sports story to your business.



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