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keyword research toolEveryone loves getting free traffic from search engines. Back in the day, it was pretty easy to create a new site and then they get ranked in search engines for almost any keyword you wanted. You just have filled that keyword in your keyword meta tag and description tag in place and the website title tag, the location of the major search engines account and went.

In these days it’s much more difficult than that. Today, search engines seem to make very little importance to on page factors like title tags and meta-text, keyword density and H tags.

These days you have to have inbound links that your site with keywords as the anchor text of links. It is very hard to get some anchor text links course, so many people on linking strategies to use. Later this takes a lot of work, the one thing. You must choose your keywords very carefully.

So how do you do to get these keywords mean? It is a very good question and everyone has their own answer. There are many services you pay for will help you to find keywords might. There are many decisions to buy software to help you pick keywords can. And all of them work pretty well, but they all cost money.


Fortunately for you, you do not pay an arm and a leg to get a good keyword research tool. You can if you want, do a search in Google for your keyword research tool and you certainly have more than enough options to choose from in the paid keyword research category. Me, I like to keep things simple, and I like things low cost. So for my keyword research, I am using the free Google keyword research tool. Actually, it is the free Google AdWords keyword research tool to be more precise. Only the head of Google type in Google Keyword Tool and it is usually the first or the second list that appears.

This Keyword Research Tool is great, it will tell you exactly how many times a month, a certain keyword is searched for on Google. It shows you how many times have locally for keywords that will tell you how often a keyword gets for globally have got, and it will even say whether a broad or exact match on, was what you are looking for.

Not only will it tell you how often a particular keyword search at Google, you’ll also point out dozens if not hundreds of other keywords that the first search term, you and them, of course, it will say you can relate how often each of these keywords have been looking for every month on Google. This is a huge amount of invaluable free information that you see right there on the screen for free and can you as an Excel spreadsheet and Relator also free.

Let us now take a look at how the best keywords for your website are found out using Google AdWords.

  • The first set is to go to Google Adwords website. Just search Google AdWords tool in Google and click the first result and you will get to the page, am sure no one will do SEO for that keyword and can beat Google.
  • There will be a table under the heading find keywords and enter your desired keyword in the box and if you want you can choose one category also.
  • While searching the keyword there is an option in the left-hand corner to search exact and broad. You can choose one of these. Exact search means we can find the number of monthly searches done for exactly that keyword. Broad search means if u can get the number of monthly searched related to that keyword. Suppose the keyword you searched is circuits if u picked the exact option the results will come inside a bracket telling its number. If someone searches electronic circuits that will also be counted in a broad search. Hope you got it


Once you got the results you can know more about the search query. You can know more about the keyword by clicking the Google insights option.

When you are choosing the Google Insights link 4 categories will appear according to which you can filter the results say web search where you can check whether the search is for websites, images or others. The second category says worldwide here we can check the search traffic by specific regions of the world. There is also an option for seeing the insights according to time duration and category.

One you identify the keywords of your website you can include them inside your website and can improve your visibility by implementing various SEO tactics.

These other keyword tools that you pay well for work, no doubt, but they are not Google. And because of this keyword research tool is completely free, it makes things very easy when it comes to deciding which keyword tool is used



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